Training MTB

Basic and advanced training for driving technique trainers and mountain bike guides

The advanced training to become a driving technique trainer has already taken place 8 times under the direction of Kurt Exenberger. We are proud to have improved many experts in driving technique and imparted a lot of know-how to them.

Due to the great demand, we have now decided to train as an official D2 trainer, i.e. the mountain bike guide. Our curriculum was found to be very good and approved by the training coordinator in the ÖRV, Alfred Kaibliner. Thus, at the beginning of May 2021, we will train mountain bike tour guides in 8 days and 83 teaching units and are therefore also on the ÖRV training page pictured.

Training MTB – The qualified cycling trainer guarantees the quality of our training Kurt Exenberger and our long-time employee, mountain bike guide and driving technique trainer, Alexander Stöckl. The focus in our courses is always on understanding and comprehending the methodological structure – the most important means when teaching and teaching with children and adults.

The region Kitzbühel Alps has meanwhile become the perfect location for learning and teaching mountain biking and driving technique. The OD trails form the basis where you can do a lot with short distances and an ascent aid (Valles Tauwiesenlift – Per tow ) can practice and train. After that, the different single trails offer more challenge: Harschbichltrail , Hahnenkamm Trail, Fleckalm Trail , Gaisbergtrail , Lisi Osl Trail , Wiegalmtrail and the Sun Trail. Not far away is the Bikepark Leogang, which we also like to visit with Gravity-specific training.

Here you can find all information about our official guide and trainer courses: