Driving technique training & tour guiding with a private trainer

Mountain bike driving technique training and guided bio and e-bike tours – here you are with the professionals in the Kitzbühel Alps landed!

All guides and trainers at the Bikeacademy are certified and continuously undergo internal training with qualified cycling trainer Kurt Exenberger. We are all enthusiastic cyclists and love the sport in all its facets – tours, marathons, cross country, enduro and downhill. Mountain biking is just plain fun! Also with a private trainer.

Mountain bike riding technique courses

We have been offering innovative services for many types of mountain biking since 1999. We are among the first providers worldwide and proud to be the first mountain bike school in the Alps. Our manager, Kurt Exenberger, is one of the leading developers of driving technique teaching concepts and, as the trainer of leading athletes in the Mountain Bike World Cup, is always up to date. The Bikeacademy team consists of passionate cyclists from the fields of marathon, cross country, enduro and downhill. This means that we can score with great expertise in all areas.

Guided bike tours – group or with a private trainer

As we have been for more than 3 decades in the Kitzbühel Alps on bikes, of course we know every corner and can put together the perfect tour to suit your needs. We love to show you the delights under the trails and local dishes and enjoy every day outside in the beautiful Kitzbühel Alps

Weekly mountain bike program

In the MTB Weekly program , which we implement in cooperation with the tourism associations Kitzbüheler Alpen Brixental and St.Johann – Obendorf – Kirchdorf – Erpfendorf is guaranteed to find something suitable for you – everything you need for an exciting and educational holiday around Kitzbühel.

Safety and fun – one shouldn’t be without the other!

If you improve your driving technique, you increase your safety and, last but not least, have more fun on yours Bike tours or when visiting the Bike park . With our well-founded and constructive driving technique school, we give you the basis to become better with every further trip. You can only develop yourself further if you fix basic errors, for example in the basic trail behavior. If you take along small mistakes in the cornering technique, you will not get any faster even with regular training.

Many professionals who have already trained with us know that too. The outside view, immediate corrections by means of video analysis, often works wonders. We have already been able to help world champions, world cup winners and Olympians: Christoph Soukop (Olympic 6th), Alban Lakata (marathon world champion), Sally Bigham (marathon runner-up world champion), Anne Terpstra (cross country world cup winner), Elisabeth Osl (overall world cup winner), Daniel Schemmel (Enduro European Champion), Kevin Maderegger (Downhill IXS Cup Winner), Alexander Gehbauer (Olympia 9.), Max Foidl (XC European Championship 10.)