Tour guiding MTB bike guiding Kitzbühel Alps


Over 20 years of experience in mountain bike guiding in the Kitzbühel Alps, the Canaries, South Tyrol, Friuli and many other top mountain bike destinations stand for our quality! Discover the advantages of a guided mountain bike tour with our highly trained, experienced and personable private guides!

  • We all know “Secret Trails” inour region.
  • We like to combine our tours with shuttles and lifts – usually not feasible on your own.
  • Get driving technique tips from trained people Mountain bike trainers on technical sections.
  • Information on culture, nature and the mountains.
  • Culinary highlights with our tour guide in traditional mountain huts.
  • Maximum possible safety with our bike guides in the event of breakdowns or accidents.
  • No over- or under-demanding through individual planning.
  • No wanderings with professional tour guides!
  • No time spent planning tours on your mountain bike vacation.

The tour guiding season in the Kitzbühel Alps starts in mid-April and lasts until November, depending on the weather. Outside of these times we always offer activities in warmer climes, just ask what we have on offer!

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Difficulty levels and levels

In our homespot, the Kitzbüheler Alpen, we are happy to guide you from all places or start directly at your accommodation. Here are some examples of possible levels of difficulty:

  • FAMILY RIDER: Max. 150hm, easy family-friendly runs (condition 2, driving technique 2)
  • EASY RIDER: Max. 350 m, easy descents (condition 3, driving technique 2)
  • POWER RIDER: Max. 700 m, technical trails (condition 4, driving technique 3-6)
  • ENDURANCE RIDER: Max. 1500 m, technical trails (condition 6-7, driving technique 3-6)
  • TRAIL TOUR: Max. 800 m, demanding trails (fitness 4-5, driving technique 5-7)
  • RIDE & LEARN: Driving technique training with tour to apply what you have learned (stamina 2-3, driving technique 2-6)
  • E-BIKE TRAIL TOUR : Max. 1000hm, demanding technical trails (condition 4, driving technique 4-7)

You can find a detailed description of our new levels of difficulty here!


  • Private guide halbag (= up to 3 hours) – one person € 160, – and € 10, – for each additional person
  • Private guide full day (= up to 6 hours) – one person € 265 and € 10 for each additional person
  • You can find all our prices here!

Further important information about our bike tours in the Kitzbühel Alps:

  • We offer pure e-bike tours, mixed groups or trips for organic bikers.
  • In order to ensure the best possible quality and safety, we take a maximum of 12 people per guide!
  • Regarding lift tickets, there is with the Kitzbühel Alps Summer Card an extremely attractive offer from 3 days. The map is intended as a hiking map, but can also be used by mountain bikers. With the restriction that each lift can only be used once per day, but you can make several trips on different lifts. This card is therefore the ideal and cheapest option for mountain bike tours with lift assistance.
  • Helmets are compulsory on all tours! Each participant has to take care of a sufficient accident insurance and confirms with the participation that there are no health restrictions for practicing MTB sport.

We are also proud to be able to offer professional training for mountain bike guides as the official training center of the Austrian Cycling Association. Thanks to our many years of experience as one of the first guiding companies in the Alps, we can pass on a lot of know-how in our courses. Here you can find all information about the training >>>

How difficult is a descent really?

Mountain bike single trail scale, the ski slope system, or something completely different for assessing the difficulty of the descents with the mountain bike? Admittedly, it’s complex – a bike trail can have easy, flowing sections and extremely blocked sections at the same time. A very good example of this is the Fleckalmtrail in Kirchberg. How do you rate such a trail then?

Then there can be a serious risk of falling even on easy-to-use trails and the most difficult, technical passages can often be found in unproblematic terrain. This should also be included in a level of difficulty scale. There are also jumps to be assessed – there are, for example, very difficult doubles that can also be rolled over.

We opted for an upwardly open, initially 10-point scale and tried to shed more light on the evaluation of mountain bike trails. All information here!