Mountain bike riding technique training

Bike Academy Kitzbühel Alps

We are the first mountain bike school in Austria – since 1999!

This is how long we have been working on our driving technique training lessons and constantly adapting our concept to new knowledge, developing new teaching strategies and constantly developing. Kurt Exenberger, the head of the Bike Academy, carefully trains his trainers and makes sure that they always stay on the “bike” and work on their riding technique and teaching methodology.

Driving technique training with a private trainer

Your personal trainer adapts the content and methodical steps exactly to you. You can also book the private technique training for your group of up to 8 people per trainer for the period of time you want. We hold our technology workshops in Oberndorf on the OD Trails, in Kirchberg at the Fleckalmbahn valley station or in the Skill Park in Brixen. Depending on where you are closer to or which location suits your learning goals and skills better.

We offer the individual driving technique courses in two-hour units. In the 2×2 hours we take a lunch break or a coffee break to regain, above all, spiritual energy for the next 2 hours.

  • 2 hours for one or more people – from 135, –
  • 2×2 hours for one or more people – from 245, –
  • more prices here!

We are also happy to teach children from 4 years of age with our private trainers. There is actually no maximum age for adults – this is constantly being raised by our customers and we were already training with vital e-bikers in their 70s!

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Mountainbike Fahrtechnik Training

Ride & Learn with a personal coach

Our Ride & Learn offer combines a two-hour driving technique training course with a subsequent trip to try out and apply what you have learned under the guidance of your trainer. 100% fun guaranteed! After 2 hours of intensive training, we first take a short break before we go into the terrain and approach new challenges together.

The Ride & Learn system includes 2 hours of driving technique training and 3 hours of tours and trials. The costs are € 255 for one person and € 10 more for each additional person.

Driving technique training – Here, too, you can choose between the starting locations OD Trails, Fleckalmbahn Kirchberg or Skill Park Brixen.

Driving technique and driving safety courses for e-mountain bikers

E-MTB riders in particular need riding technique training. Why? With an electric drive you can get into the mountains easily and you don’t need a lot of experience and fitness. But how do you get back down safely? Pedelecs or e-bikes are now mostly very suitable for going downhill, but the operation of such highly technical devices is not that easy. Many users have not or never been in the mountains by bike for a long time, so not only do you need solid basic training in terms of riding technique, but you should also know your bike and the possibilities it offers well. Unfortunately, many accidents happen in our mountains – you can prevent many dangerous mistakes with just a two-hour course!

With us you learn the basics in a safe environment with didactic professionals as trainers. Of course, we can also teach advanced techniques, but most of the time it fails because of the basics. Stay safe in the Mountains!

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Buy driving technique vouchers online

In our webshop you will find many voucher variants for our driving technique training. If you want to individualize vouchers, please contact us personally!

Our training area – OD Trails Oberndorf

A very important part of our courses is the new one Bike park in Oberndorf ! There is everything you need for an effective course! Short distances between the most varied types of terrain and well-secured practice areas. The terrain enables us to perfectly break down all areas of MTB driving technique into methodical steps and thus teach driving technique safely and successfully. The park is suitable for beginners up to XC / marathon professionals and newcomers to the world of bike parks can gradually and safely approach small to medium-sized jumps. Children can also let off steam while keeping their parents in sight. All information about the OD trails

Our training area at the Fleckalmbahn Kirchberg

That was originally our home spot. The tourism association now looks after the area where world champions, world cup winners, EWS champions and even Olympic champions completed their laps at the Fleckalm Circuit Cross Country Race, the Marathon World Championship as part of the KitzAlpBike and the first European Enduro Championship. Great successes have already been prepared here and small children have been motivated to great deeds. We find many different challenges here to get ready for the mountains.

Our practice area in Brixen

The new Bikers Playground at the valley station of the Choralpenbahn in Bressanone is ideal for high quality beginner training and courses for children. A pump track, various wooden objects and several lines provide the basis and in the large parking lot we have plenty of space for playful group exercises in a safe environment.

The brain behind the riding technique training concept of the Bikeacademy

Kurt Exenberger has headed the Bike Academy since 1999. And for even more years he has been working intensively on the subject of driving technique training. He built up overall World Cup winner Lisi Osl, worked with world champion Alban Lakata, looked after the Olympian Christoph Soukop, trained junior world champion Robert Gehbauer, prepared Gunn Rita Dahle for her marathon world title in Kirchberg, organized driving technique camps together with Guido Tschugg and trained Olympic 9th from London Alexander Gehbauer . He is also an instructor at the Austrian Sports Academy in Vienna, trains with the most hopeful young riders in Austria and prepared the Styrian Enduro Young Gun, Daniel Schemmel, for his European title in Kirchberg. He accompanied the downhiller and enduro racer Kevin Maderegger for a long time and was happy about many of his successes such as a victory in the IXS European Downhill Cup. One of the greatest talents he has accompanied from childhood is the cross country driver Max Foidl, probably the best ambassador of the Bike Academy driving technique on the most difficult XCO routes in the world.
He himself still takes an active part in enduro and downhill races in order to stay up to date in terms of fitness and driving technique. He is also one of the driving forces behind the promotion of young talent in the St. Johann cycling union, where 70 motivated kids train.

Basic mountain bike behavior

Basic trail behavior on a mountain bike

Goal = stable positioning of the body’s center of gravity – always be ready to move in any situation!

Driving technique training – movement description:

  • Pedals horizontal – load equally. Define individually preferred pedal position = stance, goofy or regular
  • Center of gravity centrally above the bike = perpendicular between the front and rear tires
  • Knee joints only slightly bent = large knee angle, approx. 130 degrees in the starting position
  • Ankle – heels are slightly raised. Heel is above the pedal axis on click pedals, so better ankle work and cushioning is possible. With flat pedals heel light lower to have better grip on the pedal.
  • Arms: Elbows strongly bent, angled outwards, approx. 45 ° in relation to the upper torso = better arm work and more strength development possible.
  • Brake finger (index finger) resting on the brakes = ready to brake.
  • Looking in the direction of travel, scanning the line. Look ahead more or less, depending on your speed.
  • Body kink: kink in the hip (approximately at right angles), upper body lies flat over the bike. Comes through strong flexion of the arms and extension of the legs. The hips are pushed back and up.