Our MTB riding technique videos

Here we offer you the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject of bike driver training with our current driving technique videos and tutorials. With our precise movement descriptions and explanatory pictures, you will be able to implement many of the basic building blocks. A methodically and didactically guided exercise structure in one suitable practice area However, the videos cannot be replaced by an experienced trainer. Our videos can also send you a Driver training help us to recall important details and internalize the individual movements.

Have fun learning and practicing!

MTB exercises

Episode 1: Bike and cockpit settings

Kurt Exenberger, driving technique trainer at the Bikeacademy in Kirchberg, explains to you how to adjust your bike and especially the cockpit perfectly. There are also some important equipment tips.

Episode 2: Basic position when mountain biking

Kurt Exenberger explains the basic position on a mountain bike. Presented by Markus Micheler and Rainer Schoner. A centered basic position is the key to mountain biking off-road at all skill levels!

Episode 3: Optimal MTB braking technology

Brakes are for losers… Hopefully speed, but not traction please. Or are you doing something wrong? Here are our instructions for optimal braking technology.

Episode 4: Technology when driving uphill presented by Lisi Osl

The Kirchberger World Cup racer Lisi Osl shows her special discipline: Steep ramps in the uphill. In addition to a lot of power in the leg muscles, the right driving technique is also part of it!

Episode 5: MTB curve technology – safe and fast!

Your cornering technique makes you a winner in the fight around the clock or gives you large safety reserves on different surfaces. One of the most important building blocks in mountain bike riding technique!

Episode 6: Mastering obstacles (lifting the front wheel, seesaw and the wrong rabbit)

Here are three basic techniques for getting over small to medium-sized obstacles undamaged. These basics then result in other, more difficult techniques such as the bunny hop in a later episode. Our philosophy – always learn the basics first, only then approach the more complex movements.

Episode 7: Wheelie – the perfect balance exercise

Here are our tips that will help you on your way to the wheelie: The wheelie is a “show off” technique that you don’t really need when biking off-road, but it is extremely fun to master it and practicing trains balance and feeling very intense for the brake. The best way to do this is to start without clipless pedals, a hardtail bike is certainly not a disadvantage, and of course the Fully also works – and don’t forget: your index finger is always on the brake lever for the rear brake! So – practice, practice, practice – and after a few thousand attempts it could work …

Episode 8: Manual – a bike technique for real experts!

Max Foidl can also do it with a high saddle and clipless pedals – but for the beginning we recommend lowering the saddle and starting with flat pedals. You might also need shin, back and elbow protectors. Practice it as often as possible, it takes a long time until you have the manual on it. Even short stretches of 2 – 3 meters help you extremely when overcoming puddles, mud holes or small ditches.

Epiode 9: Bunny Hop – the “must have” driving technique

The bunny hop is a very useful technique on the trail, so learn it! In the beginning with flat pedals, of course, otherwise you never know if you really master it. Shin guards definitely help prevent some pain. Good luck with your practice!

Episode 10: Switchbacks – the most important trail riding technique

For a good flow experience on the trail, mastering the switchback technique is essential. The ride should work really well before you start moving the rear wheels. The conditions are still good – so let’s get out on the home trail and practice.

Episode 11: Steep steps – our technology prevents you from rolling over

Our tips on step driving! If you consider the most important points, the technique is not difficult at all, steep heels are above all a matter of the head. You gain a lot of self-confidence when you start with small steps and increase the height slowly and step by step.

Episode 12: Jump technique and drops presented by Guido Tschugg

In the final of our 12 episodes, Guido Tschugg and Kurt Exenberger explain their basics about jumping and dropping. Here’s another tip: Always start small and tackle bigger jumps step by step. This way you keep the risk of injury low and you can dare to make big jumps safely and with a lot of fun.