Core disk

Core disk

The top 10 exercises with the MFT Core Disk

Information about the core disk

The MFT Core Disc® is a multifunctional training device with which you the arm, shoulder, chest and trunk muscles effectively strengthen and coordinate optimally can.

Hardly any other strength exercise is as effective and easy to perform as the classic push-up in the new versions with the MFT Core Disc®.

  • Perfect functional strength training for the stabilization of the spine and joints, as well as the arm, shoulder, chest and core muscles
  • Perfect coordination training for upper body and core stability
  • The MFT Core Disc® enables rocking, tilting and rotating movements, so you can reach the deep-seated muscles more perfectly than before
  • optional MFT Bike Grip Set (4 pcs.handles with screw connection)

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Interview with bike expert Kurt Exenberger

The mountain bike is his profession, the Kitzbühel Alps his territory – Kurt Exenberger is a trainer and MTB expert. As the founder of the well-known Bike Academy in Kirchberg in Tirol and a passionate bike athlete, he has a special feel for new trends and functional training methods. We asked him for his assessment after his first experiences with the MFT Core Disc®.

Mr. Exenberger, core and arm training are rather unpopular with cyclists Why is it still important to train these parts of the body?

The better a cyclist’s core muscles are developed, the better the power can be transferred to the pedals. And that is actually one of the most important arguments for every biker. Correspondingly, core training has an important influence on performance on the bike.

In downhill, the arm, shoulder and trunk muscles ensure that safe steering and control of the bike is maintained in every situation and that there is less fatigue due to a stable basic position. The exercises on the MFT Core Disc ® With their high demands on precisely these muscle groups, they are perfect for training downhill-oriented mountain bikers.

How do bikers benefit from training with the MFT Core Disc®?

The Core Disc trains the interaction of the upper body and leg muscles, and a strong torso counteracts injuries and possible signs of wear and tear caused by intensive bike training and thus has a great prophylactic effect.

In addition, with the MFT Core Disc, a high coordinative component can be added to stabilizing strength training, whereby the difficulty can be increased gradually according to the training status.

Is the MFT Core Disc® suitable for all bikers?

Yes – whether touring riders, racing bike specialists or enduro and downhill bikers: everyone can train with this tool. With the Core Disc, all cyclists can adjust their training individually to their discipline and adjust the focus to the sport-specific requirement profile.

When do cyclists train with the MFT Core Disc®?

Bikers can train with it all year round. It is ideal for stabilization training during the bike season as well as for basic training in the “off-season”. With the Core Disc, the workout, away from the bike, can be particularly effective, time-saving and close to the discipline. Very sport-specific loads, e.g. downhill sports, can be intensively simulated in the preparation phase.

How do mountain bikers organize their training with the MFT Core Disc®?

With the Core Disc you can work on advanced training with targeted and simple, coordinative challenges and little intensity. High-performance athletes can also use unstable pads (MFT Sport Disc, exercise ball, sling trainer, …) with very effective training to set high levels of stimulation and thus additionally push their performance. You can work in the strength endurance area as well as at the maximum strength level