We have been continuously optimizing our bike camps for over 20 years!

We put a lot of passion into organizing riding technique camps for women, freeriders, enduro bikers, cozy e-bikers and single trail fans. The Kitzbüheler Alpen bike region offers us a huge infrastructure of trails, lifts with bike transport, mountain bike tours of various levels of difficulty, cozy alpine huts and perfectly organized bike hotels. But we are also regularly represented with our camps in Italy (South Tyrol, Friuli, Liguria) and on the Canary Islands (Tenerife, El Hierro).

Our Divas Bike Camps, the Singletrail and Super Trail Camps, MTB driving technique camps and of course the Kids and Youngsters Bike Camps are well known.

The mountain bike has already established itself as a traditional piece of sports equipment in the Kitzbühel Alps. The gentle mountain landscape with countless forest and alpine paths is predestined for this sport and the organization of bike camps. Numerous mountain bike and cycle paths as well as crisp trails are available.

The many racing bike routes in the region, the Mozart bike path and the Inntal bike path are ideal training routes for hobby road riders.

The Kitzbühel Alps are also part of the world’s largest e-bike destination. With the help of electric bikes, you can reach milestones without sweating, which otherwise only professionals with strong calves can achieve. Our bike guides offer weekly mountain bike courses and bike camps with driving technique training as well as guided tours.

All together, the best conditions to face your personal best from the slipstream of the professionals. Another plus is that it is in our bike paradise lots cyclist-friendly accommodations and that the popular Kitzbüheler Alpen Summer Card is also valid as a “free ticket” on all 29 summer mountain railways in the 14 surrounding mountains. Mountain bikers can skip a few vertical meters and downhillers have a ticket to the starting point of many downhill trails several times a day.

The small but nice bike park OD trails is the perfect playground for our mountain bike school and there we find the perfect terrain for most of our courses. But also in our former practice area in Kirchberg an der Fleckalmbahn or at the new Bike Skill Park in Brixen we find great practice terrain for driving technique training.


OD Trails, Fleckalmtrail, Lisi Osl Trail, Hahnenkammtrail, Bike Park Leogang, Harschbichltrail, Bike Camps …

These are just a few great names and fantastic locations for mountain biking in and very close to the Kitzbühel Alps ! It’s really awesome to be able to call it a home base.

The OD Trails – our location for bike camps

The Bikeacademy Homebase at Intersport Patrick is the starting point for technical training in the perfect practice area and for tours in the Kitzbühel Alps!

Little bikers, beginners, but also professional cyclists experience lots of fun and action in the new OD Trails (ObernDorf Trails)! The OD trails in the St. Johann in Tirol region offer ideal conditions for bikers who want to gradually improve their skills. The center of the new Trail Arena is the Jump Park. It belongs to the Green Line, the easiest route. With a length of 900 meters and an 8.9 percent gradient, the line is ideal for getting a good feel for your bike. The kids ride their first perfect turns and find the center of their bike on bumps and scooters. With little sense of achievement, the fun of sport is maintained. Those who feel safe on the Green Line can continue to improve from the blue to the red to the black trail.

Welcome to the bike paradise

More information about the OD trails here …

Trail Enduro Downhill Mountain Bike
Driving technique training Mountain bike practice area Fleckalmtrail

Mountain bike practice area at the Fleckalmbahn

In 1999 we founded our mountain bike school right here. We built and maintained this practice area with our own hands. It is now looked after and maintained by the Kitzbüheler Alpen – Brixental Tourist Association. World champions in marathon and European champions in enduro have already been crowned here and stars of the cross country scene have done their laps. Max Foidl and Lisi Osl grew up here, among others. We have root trails, flow trails, hairpin bends and jumps as well as a pump track for practicing. Already pretty perfect to prepare for the challenge of the Fleckalmtrail, for example. If you wish, we will start your training here! Also take a look at our top bike camps!

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Bike Skill Park Bressanone

A great practice area for children and beginners with a modular pump track, flow trails, rock gardens and a few jumps. The huge parking lot is great for games in groups and other technical exercises. This is where we hold our Youngsters Bike Camps.

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Skill Brixen
OD Trails Bike Academy

Bikepark Leogang – the most famous bike park in the Alps

It takes 25 minutes to get to Leogang from St. Johann by car or conveniently by train. We now also offer private courses and group workshops in the most famous bike park in the Alps! You can now train at Bikepark Leogang with all skill levels. Kids, beginners, advanced up to the real pros will be happy in the Bikepark Leogang and can learn the targeted skills with us. We also go to one or the other bike camp in Leogang.

Over 80 km of lines & trails and 9 mountain railways on 7 mountains await you in Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn! Six modern mountain railways in Saalbach Hinterglemm, two in Leogang and one in Fieberbrunn bring bikers with just one ticket quickly and comfortably to the most beautiful peaks and to the entrances to the coolest lines and trails.

But Saalfelden Leogang is much more than that. Where else can you choose between MTB world championship routes in breathtaking mountain scenery and leisurely bike paths in the valley with a rest in the city? In Saalfelden Leogang, numerous mountain bike trails and valley bike paths and a bike park of the special class offer an almost inexhaustible offer for mountain bikers. A unique infrastructure network is also the best prerequisite for your mountain bike holiday in Austria! Top bike camps!


Fleckalmtrail– wrote history in enduro sport and is world champion!

The Fleckalmtrail is one of the five Great trails Tyrol. With a length of 7.1 kilometers, the Fleckalmtrail is one of the longest single trails in the country. In the midst of the impressive mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps, the varied route winds its way down around 1,100 meters in altitude. On the seemingly endless descent, root passages, larger and smaller jumps, finely laid berms, occasional short counter climbs and fast speed sections ensure the perfect enduro feeling. The demanding route requires a certain amount of concentration, stamina and driving technique.

length : 7.1km
Altitude difference : 1,100 m
Level of difficulty : MTDS 6C

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Levels of difficulty MTB Bike Academy

Hahnenkamm Trail

Over a length of 7.2 km and a total of 850 meters of altitude to be overcome, it goes directly from the mountain station of the Hahnenkammbahn down to the Gamsstadt along a variety of trails and paths.

Flowy trail with easier key points and playful elements. Tighter turns and banked curves, wooden bridges and natural passages, small waves and jumps as well as natural obstacles offer variety.

The flow trail leads over the famous Hahnenkamm and starts at the mountain station. After getting off, the famous “Streif” race track runs on the right, and on the left the trail leads into the valley, where beginners and advanced skiers will find fun and variety. The route is family-friendly, with simpler key sections and playful elements. Thanks to a clever route, the trail manages without many artificial elements. Natural passages, meadow curves, small waves and jumps as well as natural obstacles offer variety and action for the whole family. The only thing that encourages you to brake is the beautiful view of Kitzbühel from time to time.

Length: 7.2 km
Altitude meters: 850 m
Difficulty level: MTDS 4+

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Lisi Osl Trail Kirchberg – named after the local World Cup winner

In the footsteps of the cross-country world cup legend Lisi Osl, you can follow the single trail of the same name on the Gaisberg in Kirchberg. Named after the big daughter of the region, the approximately three-kilometer route guarantees pure downhill enjoyment. You start right at the mountain station of the Gaisbergbahn at 1,270 meters above sea level. The mostly natural route offers flowing passages and a multitude of the finest serpentines at around 450 meters above sea level. The trail from the Gaisberg is really tough, pretty steep, narrow hairpin bends, stones, roots, steps. Advanced enduro riders have fun with it, beginners and kids only in the lowest section – this is quite flowy!

length : 2.3 km
Altitude difference : 450 Hm
Difficulty level: MTDS 6+

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Gaisberg Trail – Austrian downhill champions have already been crowned here

The Gaisberg Trail on the mountain of the same name in the Kitzbüheler Alpen region is an offer for all those who like to rush downhill with a lot of spring action. As the venue for the Austrian State Downhill Championship 2014, the two kilometer long descent offers non-stop action: partly soft forest floor, lots of roots, speed sections, jumps over the edges of terrain or wooden structures. For the demanding descent over 450 meters in altitude, a certain amount of driving technique is necessary. The trail is consistently rated S3 on the single trail scale.

The Gaisbergtrail runs below the lift route of the Gaisberg chairlift.
Technically demanding, he has built in a few jumps and drops for downhill riders.
Chickenways as an alternative are available.

length : 2.3km
Altitude difference : 450 Hm
Level of difficulty : MTDS 6

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Sun Trail – Flow in the woods

The start of the Suntrail is at around 1,340 m above sea level on the Gsengweg. In the upper part, the trail swings through a forest, which clears towards the middle and then merges into alpine pastures. On the fluid, bouncy single trail you can quickly find a successful rhythm between waves and curves. After crossing the Raggingbach, it goes downhill again over waves, tables and berm curves along the creek. The trail ends near the power station east of Brixen.
The trail can be reached via Brixen on bike route 265 to Berggasthof Nieding and then via route 299. Or via route 288. The first 500 meters in altitude can be conquered more comfortably with the mountain railway from Hochbrixen. From here down to the mountain inn Nieding and then a leisurely 200 meters uphill (route 299) to the entrance to the Suntrail.

Length: 2.2 km

Altitude meters: 400 m

Difficulty level: MTDS 4+

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Bike Camps

Harschbichltrail – the natural flow trail in the Kitzbühel Alps

As a mountain biker, you will not only find beautiful mountain bike trails in the St. Johann in Tirol region, but also one Single trail as well as a skill park. The naturally designed facilities will make your mountain biker’s heart beat faster. The Harschbichl Trail was built by renowned trail designers. Exciting passages and rapid banked curves promise the greatest driving pleasure! The trail leads from the middle station of the Harschbichlbahn down to the valley station. The level of difficulty of the Harschbichl Trail is medium in the upper part and easy in the lower part. In addition, the ambitious mountain biker on the single trail with an incomparable View of the Wilder Kaiser rewarded – a MTB trail with a view of the Kaiser. Swing in the saddle and experience the mountain bike single trail in St. Johann in Tirol!

Length: 4.2 km

Altitude meters: 510 m

Difficulty level: MTDS 4+

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